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For more than 140 years, American Standard has been setting and resetting the standard of health, safety, responsibility and beauty. American Standard is a leading North American plumbing and building products manufacturer. With a wide range of both residential and commercial products, American Standard has something for everyone. Their products feature the latest in plumbing innovations. Shop the entire American Standard Collection at Household Plumbing.

Product Innovations

American Standard products offer the latest innovations in plumbing technology for optimal performance and convenience. Here are some of their recent innovations.
SpeedConnect® Drain

SpeedConnect® Drain installs in a fraction of the time of a regular drain


American Standard's wide selection of water-efficient faucets meets EPA WaterSense® certification, saving you both water and money.


Selectronic Hands-Free Technology

The Selectronic touchless faucet system brings handsfree technology to select American Standard kitchen faucet models. This system allows the wave of a hand to turn your faucet on and off.


VorMax™ Flush Technology

This revolutionary technology reinvents the flush by eliminating conventional rim holes around the bowl. Instead, it delivers one powerful jet of water that powerfully scrubs the entire surface of the bowl from top to bottom.


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