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American Standard Estate Vormax

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The American Standard estate vormax toilet! This toilet introduces an brand new flushing system that will not only clean the bowl better but save you money on water!

American Standards CleanCurve™ means you don’t have to worry about dirt building up under the rim. All this is paired with their EverClean® surface which inhibits growth of any stains, mold or mildew as well as odor-causing bacteria, will keep your toilet looking clean.

This toilets flushing system features two flush valves that are opened almost simultaneously, the first jet scours the bowl to clean it while the second jet, in the trapway, creates a siphon which disposes of all the waste. Want to see it in action? Look below! Even with all this cleaning power, it only uses 4.8L per Flush !

Don’t worry if something goes wrong! American Standard has you covered with a 10 Year warranty on parts and limited lifetime warranty on the china. Of course they have matching pedestal and under mount sinks.


Please see below for some comparison videos!

Videos are courtesy of American Standard

Vormax versus Toto Double Cyclone
Vormax versus Kohler Cimaron
Vormax versus Kohler Highline

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